Illuminated Sheep Photo Credit: The Bigger Picture

Illuminated Sheep consists of a flock of 30 life-size model sheep that are equally at home indoors or outside. The resulting light show is the product of a collaboration between artist Deepa Mann-Kler and LX designers from Axiom Events. The resulting lighting treatment is carefully choreographed to an original music commission from sound artist Cathal Murphy. Between the soundscape, individual sheep can be heard bleating, with the light programmed to light that sheep at the same time, providing moments of humour between the relaxing, gently moving music of the main soundscape. Each cycle lasts 8 minutes with 6 minutes of music and 2 minutes of ambient sheep bleating. The installation attracts plenty of interest during the day as the sheep are lifelike and will most likely be positioned in locations where they are out of context – where you wouldn’t normally find sheep grazing. Please complete contact form to discuss featuring Illuminated Sheep at your festival.